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Tango mit Carlos
Viva la vida!


Carlos Matheos
Dorfstrasse 5
CH-3283 Niederried b. Kallnach
Phone: +41 76 481 23 86

Tango & Milonga

Since its birth on the banks of the Rio de la Plata between Argentina and Uruguay, the music, dance and poetry of the Tango has captured the hearts of people all over the world. Its origin lies in the joyous folk rhythms and dances of the Candombe and Milonga with their clear African, South and Central American and European roots.

Carlos Matheos

Carlos E. Matheos, who was born in Argentina, established his first tango school "Tango Leben" in 1983 in Berlin. He pass on his love of the tango and of life on the stage, in courses and in animation sessions. His aura makes one aware of the positive influence of the dance on bodily and spiritual development and on human relationships. This makes for a living, creative dance – a dance for a better life.

On his tours, he impress international audiences with his choreography and improvisation, his "artistically elegant and intensely personal dance" (Berner Zeitung).

Tango School

Training, courses and workshops for beginners to professionals.

Tango Show

From short spots to an evenings entertainment with Carlos Matheos, together with other professional couples or with an amateur ensemble; if desired, accompanied by an Argentinean tango orchestra (solo bandoneon up to a sextet).

He perform a cross-section of Tango, Candombe and Milonga in an historical presentation from classical to modern.


Tango animation is a speciality of Matheos. In a very uncomplicated process, He bring their audience themselves to dance the tango. This together with a tango demonstration produces a surprising and unforgettable experience!


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